County Teacher of the Year

Emily Blumberg received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and master’s degree in physical sciences education from Rutgers University. As the first female physics teacher in Passaic, it is Emily’s goal to make science more inclusive for all students. She empowers her students to see themselves as capable science learners by designing student-centered, inquiry-based curricular materials for her school district. Emily believes that teaching is a journey of continuous improvement and is constantly seeking out opportunities to further develop her teaching practice. This has led her to become a Knowles Fellow, a JerseyCAN Teacher Leadership Policy Fellow, and a National High Magnetic Field Lab Research Experience for Teachers Fellow. She founded and now leads an Observation Club at her school where teachers collaborate to support each other and improve their practice. The confidence and growth of her students is a testament to her ability to engage all students in learning.

“As Teacher of the Year, my message to educators and the general public would be a demand for greater equity in education both at the classroom and state level. Creating an equitable educational system starts in the classroom. Teachers need to provide lessons that are inclusive and differentiated to meet the needs of ALL students.

While equity in education may start in the classroom, it cannot end there. Even when students are provided with culturally responsive and relevant learning experiences, they can only learn when they have access to the content. Part of ensuring students have access to learning is by providing all students with the conditions necessary for them to learn. Students cannot learn if they are hungry, or too cold or hot, or if they are not provided with water. I didn’t think this was still a     problem in schools until I started working in an urban education setting. I have worked in two school systems in my career.  In my own school, I have worked with my union, with parents, and with administrators to advocate for students’ basic needs, such as heated classrooms, to be met. As the Teacher of the Year, I would continue this work in advocacy beyond my own school. I would urge policymakers and school boards to take a good look at the classrooms in their districts and ask whether they are truly providing equitable access to education for all students regardless of their socioeconomic status. I would also strongly encourage parents, teachers, and members of the public to be empowered to advocate for the needs of their students until every   student in the state is given what they need to thrive in school”                                                                                                                                                                         

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                                                                                                                      ~~Emily Blumberg